Our History

Since its establishment, Grupo Haddad has operated on four core principles that have formed our foundation for all of our operations and service offerings. Commerce, communication, education, cultural exchange and improvement of society are how Grupo Haddad has come to stand out in the infrastructure industry.

We are pleased to offer a wide-spectrum of services through our companies. We strive for excellence and work hard to bring the best to each area of focus.

  • SUMMA CONCESIONES and PYCSA - Infrastructure and construction
  • FIBRAMEX - Real estate development
  • IAP - Human resources administration
  • ABSARA - Health, beauty and personal care
  • SUMMA HEALTH CARE - Pharmaceutical industry
  • SARSA, INGLEWOOD AND MAYFORD - Financial industry

A primary focus for Grupo Haddad is in the development, buy-sell, lease and administration of real estate through FIBRAMEX. We are pleased to offer a range of properties from industrial to office and more. Our portfolio is solid and we are pleased to say that with our facilities allow companies the freedom to focus on their business.

With over 1,120 kilometers of highways, main arteries and iconic developments throughout our markets PYSCA has also come to represent a strong focus for Grupo Haddad. PYSCA is the former constructor and concessionaire for one of the main toll roads in Panama City, Corredor Norte.

We are pleased to say all of our business segments continue to grow and operate on the integrity of our four core values. It is what drives us.